From a strictly financial point of view , we would like to stress that our company is one of the most financially stable in the country. Also, from a technical point of view, our customers have the guarantee that our production is supervised by professionals with extensive experience in the sector, as well as the fact that the company itself has been owned by the propietors for two generations, dedicated to the management of the company.
" 80 years of the skin trade in Spain at your service, bringing articles and finished to meet the highest standards of our clients".

In terms of the company´s international trade, we can confirm that our focus is clearly the export market, given that Griñón Furs S.L. exports 95% of its production, its exports having the backing of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well of the Comercial Offices of Spanish Embassies abroad.

The dynamism of the company´s export trade clearly shown by the fact that in 1997 we received an " Honorary mention", awarded by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our principal markets are: Italy, France, Canada, Russia, China (Hong Kong), Turkey, South Korea .